2013 SsangYong LIV-1 Concept review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 18 March 2013 , 03:03:42 byVeronica

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SsangYong LIV-1 Concept

SsangYong Motor Company is the fourth largest South Korean automobile manufacturer. Its name means double dragons. And it's got for sure the attitude, the power and the impressiveness of such a force.

SsangYong developed a great series of concepts, SUT 1, XIV 1, XIV 2, e-XIV, SIV 1 so it seems like they are working 24/ 7 in order to impress the public. The latest concept has been named LIV, that apparently being an acronym for "Limitless Interface Vehicle". Production is supposed to begin in two years’ time.

SsangYong LIV-1 is a SUV based on a certain design style known as the "Robust Aesthetics", a name that tells everything about the car’ s body- a massive one that can either thrill the target public or not. All the concept models created by the North Korean company will be presented at the Seoul Motor Show on 28th March. Details will be given about the company’ s medium and big SUVs, too.