2013 Toyota ME.WE. Concept review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 25 April 2013 , 04:04:06 byVeronica

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Toyota ME.WE. Concept

Japanese carmaker Toyota has decided to develop a very interesting concept and to do it managed to gather automotive designers and architects in the same place. The name of the special concept is ME.WE. The companies involved in its development are the ED2 European Design studio in Nice, France and Jean-Marie Massaud, a French architect which together have done a very good job, and if you do not believe us, then take a look in the photo gallery below and convince yourself.

The carmaker says it is a pick-up, convertible, off-roader and small city car all in one. you should also know that it has no packages what so ever as it was built as an anti-excess vehicle. The new Toyota ME.WE. manages to go from the custom of having a lot of packages to having better packages and not a lot. The new model measures 3.440 mm in length, 1.750 mm in width and 1.600 mm in height. In comparison to the current Fiat Panda Mk3, the ME.WE. is shorter, but wider and taller. It has a tubular aluminum chassis and molded polypropylene body panels that keep the weight down to 750 kg, which means 20 % less than a conventional steel-built model. Just for information, the interchangeable body panels are 100 % recyclable and weight just 14 kg.

When it comes to the interior, the model has for the driver and passengers with their luggage stowed on the roof beneath a fold-out, waterproof neoprene cover. The other option would be a retractable platform at the back. The air con and heating are being delivered by a low-energy air pump and electric seat heaters to reduce power consumption. These are all the details available on the model for the moment.