2013 Trabant RS by KoKonja review and pictures

Posted on Saturday, 28 September 2013 , 16:09:47 byEmil

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Trabant RS by KoKonja

KoKonja is a famous Bulgarian tuning house. They have decided to bring life again to a car that everyone has forgotten about years ago. At the most, nowadays the Trabant only brings memories from long forgotten times;  since then news about the old German car were almost limited to nothingness. There was an effort to bring the car in the public`s attention again in 2009 when the Trabant nT concept was released, but without a notable success.

Well, KoKonja manages to bring the vehicle in the spotlight once again by designing a full upgrade kit meant to make the Trabant a once again desired acquisition. The latest news will probably lead the former owners of such a car to regret their decision of selling it.

For the record, the Trabant was quite a popular car produced between 1957-1991 by VEB Sachsenring Automobilwerke Zwicka. The East German automaker have terminated their activity years ago.The vehicle`s core was a modest two cylinder, 600 cc engine that output 26 HP (19 kW). The Trabant hit a maximum speed of 112 Km/ h (70 mph) and could reach 100 Km/ h (62 mph) in not less than 21 seconds.

KoKonja now presents the new Trabant RS that is powered by a Fiat coupe engine. The motor outputs 220 HP (162 kW) and is almost ten times better than the initial 600cc one. The tuning house did not offer any details regarding the new engine`s performance, but judging from the afore mentioned figures, we can safely assume that it will be an average one. For a safer driving experience, the brake system was also upgraded to a more reliable Brembo system together with entirely different suspensions.

Since the old car featured quite a modestly designed interior, the tuned version proudly features black leather wrapped Recaro seats. KoKonja did not share details regarding the cost of tuning the Trabant.