2013 Volkswagen Caddy Bluemotion review and pictures

Posted on Saturday, 24 August 2013 , 04:08:03 byVeronica

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Volkswagen Caddy Bluemotion

Volkswagen's Caddy has been around for a while now and had a fair succes. Volkswagen has just announced a newer and improved fuel-efficient version, the Caddy BlueMotion. With a fuel consumption of 4,5 litres per 100km, the BlueMotion will be the most fuel efficient Caddy Volkswagen has made so far.

How did they do it? Well, it might take an expert mechanic to bore (or entertain) you with all the details. The gist of it stems mainly from these factors:

First of all, the car was lowered by 27mm. The engine control is more efficient than on previous models; on top of this, it has been enhanced with a stop-start system. This automatically shuts down and restarts the internal combustion engine to reduce the amount of time the engine spends idling, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

The car comes equipped with low rolling resistance tires, which minimize wasted energy as the tire rolls, thereby decreasing required rolling effort -and obviously the fuel consumption-.

No eye-dropping, stellar improvements in the engine department, as this will not the main selling point of the BlueMotion. Nonetheless, for such a low fuel requirement, the car comes with a 1.6 TDI and 102 HP (72kW), having a maximum torque of 250 Nm (184lb-ft).

Stacked next to its predecessor, the BlueMotion Caddy has improved quite significantly, especially in the fuel-saving department. Fuel consumption was reduced by 0.5l /100km from the old fuel-saving version, and a staggering 1.1l / 100km over the standard non fuel-saving Caddy. The driving range is just over 1,300km with a fuel tank that can take in roughly 60 litres of gas.

Available as a panel-van or passenger-van, the Volkswagen Caddy BlueMotion will be found soon in german car retailers with prices starting from €17,720.