2013 Volkswagen Golf GTI with Chris Harris review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 1 July 2013 , 04:07:09 byVeronica

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Volkswagen Golf GTI with Chris Harris

There are a lot of people saying that the old Golf V and the VW Golf VI GTIs are boring when clearly they are wrong. The models are capable of generating between 200 and 210 horsepower and so the two are anything but boring. The same applies with the latest generation which is the lightest most powerful one in the last years. Out of the three, the VI GTI is the least ready for performance as it is capable of generating only 148 horsepower. The model was very hard to distinguish from the rest of the range and it did not have a proper visible exhaust tip as it was hiding its pipe behind the rear bumper.

If we turn our attention towards the latest version, we can see that is the most powerful than before as the specialists have developed an optional Performance Pack. This enables the engine to generate 227 horsepower narrowing the gap in terms of performance between the GTI models and their rivals. Chris Harris has tested the model without the Performance Pack and shared some insights with us. The mad admitted the fact that he was a bit confused as to whom the car is addressed to. He also explained that these models have been developed for enthusiasts back closer to their original conception point.

The model now comes with a 6-speed manual transmission which makes the GTI easy to drive depending on which mode is selected. As it turns out, there is an Individual model which allows the driver to tailor the settings either according to the road conditions or her personal taste. These are all the info received on the experience Chris Harris lived.