2013 Volkswagen Jetta DIY by Smyth Performance review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 7 May 2013 , 20:05:25 byDan

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Volkswagen Jetta DIY by Smyth Performance

We have to admit that people do not just give up on their Volkswagen Jetta 4th generation, or any other working car, for that matter as long as they are satisfied with it and with the way it works. The carmaker and a tuning company came up with the best idea and solution to refresh the look of your old model. If you have a lot of free time and you have some technical knowledge, Smythy Performance has developed the Do-It-Yourself GF3 home roadster kit which will solve all the issues. The company is also working on a pickup truck kit for the same model and at the New England Dustoff event that took place this month they have introduced the final design of the Smyth G3F after a lot of beta teasers released.

The new kit is actually capable of transforming the 2000-2004 Jetta into a two-seat soft-top roadster with a mid-mounted engine and rear-wheel drive from the five-seat, front-engine, and front - wheel drive sedan. The tuner has established a starting price of $9.900 for the kit. This price includes all parts including the front and rear sub-frames made of steel tubing, body panels, and the top and detailed instructions and so on. If you are one of the customers interested in installing everything yourself, get ready to feel the grease on your hands and use all kinds of tools to complete the car. According to Smyth Performance, if you do it right, the new models will be a really safe car.

There is no model that comes close to the overall safety of a production car these days, but now, with the new kit the Smyth car is getting closer. If you need mode details on the matter, please visit Smyth Performance on Facebook and do not forget to check out the photo gallery we have prepared for you below.