2013 Volkswagen Tiguan by ABT Sportsline review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 22 March 2013 , 08:03:41 byEmil

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Volkswagen Tiguan by ABT Sportsline

When it comes to engine technology, aerodynamics, sports wheels, exhaust systems, suspension or brakes, ABT Sportsline is the name that perfectly does the job. The German tuning car set eyes on the popular Volkswagen Tiguan and tried to give it a trendier air. The upgrading includes some engine changes and also a subtle body kit.

The styling kit for the VW Tiguan brings a new front grille, some door strip attachments, a rear spoiler and a rear skirt set which comes together with a quad-pipe exhaust system. The size of the wheels is not compulsory, as the client may choose between 18 and 20 inch wheels that come with high-performance sport tires. There are also suspension springs and spacers on the car.

Regarding the engine, the ABT Tiguan is available in different upgrades. The 2.0-liter TDI 170 HP (125 kW) is now able of producing 195 HP (143 kW). The 140 HP (103 kW) version can be upgraded to output 170 HP (125 kW).  The 110 HP (81 kW) variant can go up to 140 HP (103 kW). The 2.0-liter TSI having 211 HP (155 kW) can reach 260 HP (191 kW) while the 180 HP (132 kW) model is changed in such a way as to produce 230 HP (169 kW). There are also three power upgrades for the 1.4-liter TSI: 160 HP (118 kW) version is lifted to 210 HP (154 kW), 150 HP (110 kW) to 180 HP (132 kW) and 122 HP (90 kW) is modified to provide 160 HP (118 kW).

The new ABT Volkswagen Tiguan seems better than others by just looking at it. It has an elegant image on the road and offers a comfortable ride and more agility. It is a success of both German companies, Volkswagen and ABT too.