2014 Acura MDX price review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 3 June 2013 , 03:06:10 byDan

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Acura MDX price

Acura carmaker has revealed the 2014 MDX model and it seems that it has a starting price of $42.290. This price does not include the extra $895 destination charges. The new model is sleek and refined, powerful and designed to deliver unique performance and functional needs of the luxury SUV driver and passengers, no matter if they are children or clients. It measures 2.0-inches longer than the previous-generation MDX and has a 2.8-inch longer wheelbase. By using its longer wheelbase and new, more compact rear suspension, the 2014 model makes getting in and out of the back seats even easier with a 4.5-inch wider foot entry point and 1.8-inch lower step-in heights, so it is quite great.

The 2014 Acura MDX has as base a new, purpose-built platform. To improve the dynamic response and to better isolate the road noise and vibration, the torsional body rigidity of the car is now up 12.4 % and the rigidity of suspension mounting points is up 67 % in comparison to the previous model. The compact rear multi-link suspension also eliminates the forward trailing arm of the previous system, which allowed engineers to lower the step-in height by 1.8-inches.

The model incorporates a new i-VTEC valve train with two-stage Variable Cylinder Management. It uses a 3.5-liter 24-valve V6 engine capable of generating 290 horsepower and 267 lb. ft. of torque. To transfer the output to the road, the engineers have offered a reengineered 6-speed automatic transmission with Sequential Sport Shift, with reduced friction and smoother gear changes. To eliminate unnecessary stops while ensuring that the vehicle is properly maintained the models has a Maintenance Minder system that monitors continuously the operating condition on the vehicle. When it needs maintenance, the driver is alerted through a message on the Multi-Information Display.