2014 BMW i3 review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 26 September 2013 , 14:09:24 byAlina

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BMW i3

Bavarians from BMW have decided to move forward and this is why they have started the series production of the BMW i3. This is actually the first premium electric vehicle that has a purpose-design. The engineers have been trying to build the model capable of reduced fuel consumption and low CO2 emission. To be more precise, this is the first time the Germans from BMM use carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic in automotive volume production. The i3 is made entirely of extremely lightweight and durable material.

These new elements actually allow the extra weight of the batteries of the electric vehicle system to be cancelled out. BMW is actually the first company worldwide to make its use in vehicle production economically viable. The specialists have invested a lot of money in new structures and machinery, EUR400 million to be more precise. All this money was invested for the production of BMW i models. This way, the company offered 800 new jobs which are also great. Overall, the company managed to invest a total of around EUR600 million in the BMW i production network and generated more than 1.500 jobs.

The first BMW i3 car has been recruited as the lead car for the International Berlin Marathon that will take place on the 29th of September. The ones that have ordered it from German and the rest of Europe will receive them in November, when the carmaker will launch it on the North American market as well. Actually, at the beginning of next year, the Chinese market will also receive it and they are not the only ones. Please take a close look at the photos we have prepared for you in the gallery below.