2014 BMW i3 EV review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 7 August 2013 , 11:08:54 byVeronica

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The automotive industry is now undergoing dramatic change and here we have to mention the new technologies, business fields and service offerings for customers that stand at the base of growth. Of course, to be able to do everything right, the transformation requires innovative strength, flexibility and new ideas, but determination as well. Carmakers will need to find a balance between Evolution and Revolution and be brilliant in both. A few days ago, BMW revealed the first electric vehicle in New York, Beijing and London at the same time. We are, of course, talking about the BMW i3 which previews another model that will be revealed next year. 2014 is the year the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid powered by a 3-cylinder petrol engine will reach the market.

The i3 was designed around an electric power train and it is also powered by energy regenerated from wind and water. The i3 is the answer the Germans from BMW have for the tough CO2 requirement set by many countries around the world. The model is also a solution for increasing regulations facing individual mobility in many large cities. The engineers were looking for solutions like fuel-cell-powered electric motors for long distances. Of course, in the future, options like this will offer short refueling times and enable long distance travel with zero emissions. The engineers will continue to enhance and improve their new technologies to be sure all customers and potential customers will find what their need in BMW.