2014 BMW Z4 by Carlex review and pictures

Posted on Sunday, 3 August 2014 , 05:08:52 byAngela

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BMW Z4 by Carlex

Studio Carlex Design has been created to design and make unique car interiors. Thanks to modern technology they are able to plan the final look of a project in smallest details. If the client is seeking a unique project, Carlex will create a project especially for him! It is one of the most successful interior designers. Among their most awesome projects just remember the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series, the Lamborghini Aventador, the Range Rover Vogue, the Ferrari Italia or the Maserati Granturismo. These are just a few of the vehicles that received the Carlex mark. Now, the tuner has added a BMW Z4 to their portfolio.

Carlex has just introduced a few Steampunk accessories for the BMW Z4. The roadster receives a new set of wheels with a copper finish, and a matte black exterior finish with a cooper roof. Carlex Design, as we are used to by now, focused most of the work on the vehicle’s interior. They used different types of black leather and cloth for the upholstery and copper trim parts, all with the mission of reminding about Steampunk.

And speaking about Steampunk, it is a styling that started as a sub-genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery. The atmosphere is inspired by the 19th century industrialized civilization. Steampunk works are attributed to the history of the British Victorian era or the American Wild West, sometimes with post-apocalyptic influences. Well, you’ll feel the steam inside the Carlex car, for sure.