2014 Chevrolet SS by Callaway review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 3 December 2013 , 23:12:20 byDan

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Chevrolet SS by Callaway

Not long ago, we had the opportunity to see the new model released by Chevrolet in collaboration with Callaway. We are talking about the 2014 Chevrolet SS which has received different tweaks from Callaway specialists. So that you know, in case you are interested in owning one of these bad boys, the model is available for orders now. The tuners have offered an Eaton Roots-style supercharger system and a low restriction exhaust. Next on the list we have to mention different modifications that took place under the hood. The model now receives power from a 6.2-liter V8 engine capable of generating 570 horsepower and 535 lb. ft. f torque. This is actually an improvement and an increase from 415 horsepower and 415 lb. ft. of torque respectively, which is quite impressive.

To transfer all the output to the road, the engineers have offered a 6-speed automatic transmission for the V8 unit. The new gearbox will action the rear wheels for that matter. The model needs now around 4.5 seconds to accelerate from to 60 mph. Thanks to the extra output mentioned above, the model can run a quarter mile in 12.4 seconds and at an existing speed of 110 mph. If we listen to the carmaker, we would know that the standard sprint is about 5.0 seconds. This only shows a very important improvement for Callaway and the new SS they have developed. In terms of pricing, you should know that the new package will cost just a little under $23.000, which is expensive, but not for what it does, if you know what we mean.