2014 Citroen DS Wild Rubis review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 17 September 2013 , 07:09:39 byVeronica

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Citroen DS Wild Rubis

We had the opportunity to see the new Citroen DS Wild Rubis for the first time at the Shanghai Motor show. This is actually a stylish crossover concept that behaves like an introduction of the production version of the model. The development process of this large crossover will start in China next year and will only end at the beginning of 2015. Only Chinese customers and other several Asian countries will have it on their market, unfortunately.

The CEO of Citroen declared that this incredible SUV will not be developed for the Europe market. According to different specialists involved in the development prices, this production version of the model will not be as radical as the concept despite the appearances. They are the ones that said that the model will not use 21-inch wheels to transfer the output to the road. In case you are interested in the model, please know that it will be the largest SUV sold by Citroen and will be part of the DS upscale line. It is actually similar to the Volkswagen Touareg in terms of size. To be more precise, it will have 4.700 mm in length, 1.950 mm in width and 1.590 mm in height. If you want we can also compare it with the C4 Aircross and with the C-Crosser and know that this new model is even larger that these models sold in Europe.

The C4 Aircross is in fact a renamed Mitsubishi ASX and the other one, the C-Crosser is a Mitsubishi Outlander. The engineers will start the production in a new plant in Shenzhen. This plant was developed under the collaboration between Peugeot-Citroen and Changan Automobile Group. The DST will enter production soon, according to the carmaker. The specialists will also develop a compact sedan and the large crossover. This sound to be a really great initiative and we will soon be able to see if it will be a success.