2014 Datsun GO+ announced review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 19 September 2013 , 13:09:07 byEmil

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Datsun GO+ announced

As it turns out, the Datsun brand is trying to expand its global footprint and to do this, the carmaker is now trying to expand its global footprint and the first step is the release of the all-new Datsun GO+. The specialists have released it in Jakarta. Apparently, the carmaker also confirmed that the new hatchback will be the second product in the Indonesian range from 2014. The engineers have developed a lot of new elements for their customers depending on the needs different studies have shown. The carmaker revealed their model today for all their customers in Indonesia. They are all proud with the new model as they are offering changing mobility, independence and opportunities for the owner.

The model is a 5+2 MPV which has been developed as a comfortable family lounge which is capable of accommodate all family members. This is why everyone on the car will have a lot of fun, unlike in other cars. As you can see in the photo gallery the model has a dynamic silhouette and also looks a lot more dynamic and with great style. It has compact dimensions and practical five-door three-row MPV. The engineers have offered smart front-seating configurations. The new Go+ also offers two extra seats in the back or an additional cargo space as well just to be sure it pleases everyone. Moving on, please also know that the models also ones with Datsun Mobile Docking Station, which is a great way of introducing a smart-phone into the car. Under the hood, it hides a 1.2-liter engine equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission which offers great fuel efficiency and good acceleration. Now, both Datsun GO and Datsun GO+ developed for the Indonesian market will be produced locally and will be available for purchase starting 2014.