2014 Ford Mondeo in China review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 8 April 2013 , 06:04:07 byEmil

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Ford Mondeo in China

From the beginning, the Ford Mondeo has managed to capture the European buyer as it has been especially designed for him. If you can all remember, the first two generations were that great, but when the third one appeared, we were all surprised and in a very good way, this time. In case you did not hear it yet, the carmaker is moving the production facility from Grenk, Belgium in Spain. This only means that European buyers will have to wait a bit longer for the new Ford Mondeo, until 2014 to be more precise. Ford has decided to continue producing the current model until 2014 for Europe and this is not such a good idea, if you ask us, but they will see.

The model has been launched in China this week during a private event and it now available here. There is a production facility here that makes the cars. Next month is will go on sale. The carmaker has established a price ranging between $25.800 and $43.500 which means 170.000 and 260.000 Yuan. The carmaker declared that all their specialists have done their best and tried to overpass their limits in terms of imagination and actually physical work and we all have to agree they have done a good job. Marin Burela, president and CEO, Changan Ford Automobile Co. Ltd. declared that the engineers have tried to develop a car that will make drivers feel different about what a car should be like. Did they do it? Will the drivers feel different, good different, of course, or not? We will see that in the near future, or maybe just next year.

The new Ford Mondeo is equipped with high quality materials turning it into a true flagship car. All these were offered for their Chinese customers alone, for the moment. The new car raises the bar in the segment when it comes to style, technology and of course, craftsmanship. The new car will use a 6-speed SelectShift automatic transmission to transfer all the output to the road, no matter the engine.