2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 10 October 2014 , 14:10:07 byEmil

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Jeep Grand Cherokee

As the year’s finale is close, the car companies’ teams want to see how they did these last 9 months. Questions like ‘Were the clients satisfied?’ ‘How many cars were sold?’ ‘What model was the most popular?’ pop out. So people try to find answers and it seems Jeep is one of the companies which is very satisfied with the numbers. Apparently, the Grand Cherokee SUV is the vehicle which determined a massive growth on the UK market. And it’s no wonder because the model has a powerful look. Besides, it’s comfortable and efficient. 

If back in 2013, Jeep had a market share of 0.08 percent, the last 13 months have been really productive, because now the company has reached 0.18 percent. This difference in percentage shows the clients have been satisfied with the SUV. The vehicle has found many owners and who knows? Maybe in another 12 months, Jeep will get a bigger slice of the pie. Statistics show that September was a lucky period for the company because 134 percent more vehicles than in the past year were registered. The total registered number of cars is 762 units. There has been a rise by 88 percent in Grand Cherokee sales and this year is said to have been till now very productive.   

Damien Dally, the boss of Jeep UK had an interview in which he declared he was very pleased with the increases of the sales figures. He said it was fantastic news and that the team was delighted that more and more people chose to buy a Jeep vehicle. Also, he added that the company really started to ramp up its activities in the UK again. People always want the best for themselves so these sales increases actually prove the Jeep cars’ quality. Damien Dally also said the team had high hopes for the Renegade crossover, which is a Fiat-based model. It has the size of a supermini that’s produced in Italy alongside the Fiat 500X. He was very confident in affirming that once this car is launched, the clients will start purchase it in a big number, determining the sales figures to improve more and more.