2014 Kia K900 US version review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 24 September 2013 , 04:09:30 byDan

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Kia K900 US version

As it turns out, KIA carmaker is now thinking of introducing the K9 in the US. The model is now available in South Korea and Quoris as well, but at the beginning of next year the North Americans will have it as well. This announcement was made during conference held in Las Vegas. A report indicates the fact that KIA will launch the model called K900, which is full-size, rear-wheel drive sedan, and will be available on the North American market. Different specialists say that the model will be like a BMW 7-Series and will have the price of a 5-Series. It is a bit strange, no argues there, but still.

The bad news is that KIA official refused to comment on the report, but on the other hand, they did made public the intention of selling around 5.000 units each year. The ones responsible with marketing will also organize a promotion session at the 2014 edition of the Super Bowl. There are no details regarding prices, but different specialists estimate a starting price of $50.000 which can go up to $70.000. In terms of engine options, apparently the engine will include both a V6 and V8 unit.

The output can reach up to 420 horsepower which will be sent to the rear wheels thanks to an automatic transmission offered by the engineers. Kia will only send the new model to a limited number of dealerships in the main market along the West Coast, Florida and New England. Here customers will have the opportunity to see purchase them with no questions asked. In the photo gallery we have prepared photo gallery.