2014 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque_e project review and pictures

Posted on Saturday, 7 September 2013 , 06:09:11 byEmil

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Land Rover Range Rover Evoque_e project

British carmaker Jaguar is now working on a new project involving the Land Rover. We are actually talking about an advanced power train research and development programme for the next-generation hybrid and battery-electric power train technologies that have as base the Range Rover Evoque platform. Now, Jaguar Land Rover will chip in with GBP4 million to the project and will also lead a consortium of 12 selected partners, eight from industry and three universities. Several of the partners are GK Driveline, Motor Design Limited, AVL, Drive System Design, Delta Motorsport, Williams Advanced Engineering, Cranfield University, Tata Steel and a lot more.

The development process will begin next month and will include the next-generation power rain concepts for a mild hybrid electric vehicle, a Plug-in hybrid and also a full Battery Electric Vehicle. The goal the specialists have refers to the development of technology platforms which are configurable and compatible within the architecture of an existing production vehicle. If we are talking about modular technologies, these include single and multi-speed axle drives, modular battery packs and integrate power electronics, advanced control development and torque vectoring. All engineers involved are now trying to find ways to speed the electric motor and to reduce its size, weight and cost while improving the performance and durability.

These types of projects include extreme downsizing of internal combustion engines, efficient management and storage of heat engines and weight reduction of engine through innovative new design concepts. We will get more details on the development of the new technology soon.