2014 Mercedes E-Class by Piecha Design and JMS review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 28 January 2014 , 05:01:27 byVeronica

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Mercedes E-Class by Piecha Design and JMS

It’s not something uncommon that two or more tuning companies shake hands to create a tuning package, especially if it is a more complex one. And it certainly is not the first time when we hear about Piecha Design and JMS working together. And as Piecha Design is a company dedicated one hundred per cent to tuning Mercedes cars, we can only talk here about a Mercedes vehicle. To be more exact, the two tuning houses created a tuning program for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class W212.

The tuning program set by Piecha Design and JMS is called the E-Class GT-R and it is based on the pre-facelift models of Mercedes W212. The tuning kit includes a front piece with very design-specific “flicks” which emphasize the LED daytime running lights. There are also some modified side skirts which work with the E63 AMG model, too. Piecha also equipped the vehicle with a rear port diffuser that can still accommodate the stock tow-bar if required. For the AMG versions, a new rear bumper is available with a different diffuser that fits all models until 04/2013.

The two tuners play some other tricks on the Mercedes E-Class W212. The vehicle is equipped with a lowering module that brings it closer to ground, transforming its look into a more aggressive one. The client can choose the alloy wheels between 19 inch Piecha MP1s, mp2-Le-Mans or MP3-Dynamics. There is also some extra power squeezed out of the engine, but there are no details with respect to the matter just yet.