2014 Mercedes S Class Gold Interior by Carlex Design review and pictures

Posted on Sunday, 1 June 2014 , 08:06:47 byEmil

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Mercedes S Class Gold Interior by Carlex Design

At the beginning Carlex Design was involved only in manufacturing leather upholstery systems for new vehicles. They quickly gained the trust of many car dealerships. Currently they cooperate with most of the car dealers in the south of Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and many others, including luxury car dealers throughout Europe. And talking about luxury, the latest project finished by Carlex Design had as a subject the 2014 Mercedes S Class.

Although car manufacturers offer lots of interior configuration possibilities, it's not enough for the owner who wants his vehicle to be unique and one of its kind, a style which is never to be duplicated. Fortunately, every car interior can be personalized. The team at Carlex chose a Gold Interior for the 2014 Mercedes S Class, real 24K gold, we mean. As you can imagine the client has to pay some big money for this interior.

The 2014 Mercedes S Class is one of the most luxurious vehicles in the world, but it seems that its owner thought it wasn’t enough so he asked for help at Carlex Design. The guys there covered all the interior metal trim parts with gold. These include the various controls, the speakers, the air vents, door handles, emblems and even parts of the steering wheel. And it’s not over here. The tuner covered the seats, dashboard, door panels, center console and armrests in crocodile skin. And if you think you’ll get a price tag, we can only imagine it costs a lot as nobody offered any information about this.