2014 Mercedes-Benz SL Avalange GT-R by Piecha Design review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 13 June 2014 , 04:06:54 byVeronica

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Mercedes-Benz SL Avalange GT-R by Piecha Design

Mercedes is a well known German brand that manufactures great cars which can please even the most difficult client. However, many tuning companies try to add their own mark on Mercedes cars. Two of these are Piecha Design and JMS, two tuning names that exclusively work on Mercedes vehicles, whose latest project is based on the Mercedes-Benz SL, equipped with the Avalanche GT-R body kit.

Piecha Design and JMS resumed to offering a new look to the Mercedes-Benz SL. They did nothing with the engine configuration and the exterior update has a little more to go till it can become brilliant. Shortly, the tuning companies offer a new front bumper that costs €3570 and that features "air blades" and integrated LED daytime running lights. The car can also receive a 25mm reduced ride height for €499 and aerodynamic side skirts for some extra €2090 which can be equipped with optional LED lights that get another €298 out of your pocket.

The Mercedes-Benz SL can also benefit of a ventilated rear bumper for some €2975 with an aggressive diffuser which is flanked by trapezoidal exhaust tips that cost additional €573. There's also a decklid spoiler which for €785 promises to help keep the car planted at speed. The tuners also provide 20-inch alloy wheels for €3190 and a 12-piece fin set in high gloss black, shadow graphite matte and "Galvanosilber." Well, if you have enough money for all these elements, you do the math.