2014 Nissan Note Nismo and Nismo S review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 14 October 2014 , 11:10:36 byAngela

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Nissan Note Nismo and Nismo S

Any Nissan car is thought as an important symbol of freedom, status and personal achievement. The Japanese company always keeps thinking of different ways to delight as many persons as possible. With their cars the power comes from the inside. The latest news coming from the brand is that the sporty Nissan Note Nismo and the Nismo S version are available in Japan, too.

The Nissan Note Nismo and the Nismo S have plenty of things in common. Both of them feature a more aggressive body with a gray, black silver or white with red accents finish. The Nismo version is equipped with 16-inch wheels, but the Nismo S gets 17-inch alloys. Both of the cars have suffered suspension tweaks, received a shark fin antenna, LED daytime running lights. In addition, the S also has stiffer braces along with aluminum pedals, sportier gauge cluster, suede upholstery and bespoke shift knob.

The Nissan Note is powered by a standard 1.2-liter engine that works linked to a CVT. On the other hand, the Note Nismo S comes with a larger 1.6-liter generating with the help of a five-speed manual gearbox 138 bhp at 6,400 rpm which means it is 29 bhp more powerful than the stock engine. The Note Nismo S also comes nicely equipped with a sportier exhaust system, a high-flow intake manifold and brake discs on all wheels. Both of them look great and now the Japanese can enjoy them.