2014 Seat Leon 5F Cupra by Tij-Power review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 26 August 2014 , 16:08:00 byDan

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Seat Leon 5F Cupra by Tij-Power

You have to be pretty good to survive in the changing world of auto tuning. Many of the tuning companies manage to do that because they specialize on certain brands and they aim only the fans of those brands. So is the Tij-Power. The German tuning firm is involved in the development and the distribution of vehicle tuning parts for Seat Leon. More specifically, the staff there focuses on the car styling and on improving aerodynamics according to some special methods. The tuner has just finished a tuning pack for the Seat 5F Leon Cupra.

Tij-Power has upgraded the suspension of the Seat Leon 5F Cupra by adding Plug & Play Coilovers from KW. They feature a rebound and compression stage, which can be set to pre-adjusted settings: Comfort, Sport or Cupra. The Comfort setting provides almost hover-like feeling, the Sport setting improves the steering sensitivity and offers direct feedback of the terrain, while in the Cupra mode, the car turns into a true racecar.

The Seat Leon 5F Cupra is equipped with a set of lightweight OZ Superturismo LM alloys with a grey finish, sized 8x19 at the front and 9.5×19 in the rear. They are wrapped around in 235/35-19 rubbers. The Cupra also received from the tuner a tricky exhaust system. Once the pedal reaches the floor and the throttle valve is fully opened, the car sounds fantastic.

Tij-Power offers a complex tuning program for the Seat Leon 5F Cupra, so a power boost is more than obvious included in the project. The standard intercooler has been replaced with a performance part from Forge. In addition, the tuner played some software tricks on the engine so that now it produces 375 horsepower (276 kW) and 489 Nm (361 lb-ft) of torque. These figures help the vehicle to reach a maximum speed of 290 kilometers per hour.