2014 Smart Electric Scooter Concept review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 25 June 2012 , 18:06:57 byVeronica

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Smart Electric Scooter Concept

Martin Hulder, head of marketing and sales for Smart announced, in a very brief way during an event in Berlin, that the third model in the Smart e-Mobility range will be the Smart electric scooter, after the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive and eBike. Actually the official announcement was made in Davos in the middle of May, but now, in Berlin, the carmaker offered more details. We had the opportunity to see the new scooter for the first time at the Paris Motor Show back in 2010. In the meanwhile, the scooter received the green light and now, the North American customers can enjoy it as the US is a key market for it.

The Smart electric scooter receives power from a 4-kW wheel-hub electric motor at the rear wheel which enables it to reach a top speed of 45 km/h. Even the ones who do not have drivers license can drive it on the streets of many countries. The plug-in socket is up front, right before the smart emblem and with the help of a normal household connection, the scooter is fully recharged in three to five hours. It is capable of a 100 km range. The frame is made of aluminum and so it has power and still an interesting design.

Under the seat, it has room for two helmets and the second seat folds out and back from this single seat as needed. If the owner does not want company on the back seat, it can replace the seat with a luggage rack. This is not all. The driver benefits from complete Smart-Phone integration. In terms of security, the Smart scooter includes an airbag, ABS stopping power and Blind Spot Assist. Energy regeneration also occurs through a very discreet solar panel mounted at the front of the scooter. The starting price for the new Smart achievement is around EUR5.000. The carmaker will offer it for same in 2014.