2014 IMA Colibri review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 6 January 2014 , 13:01:29 byAlina

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IMA Colibri

A bit earlier this year, at the 2013 edition of the Geneva Motor Show, we had the opportunity to see a lot of innovations and one of them came from German start-up Innovative Mobility Automobile, also known as IMA. The specialists have revealed an electric single-seater pre-production prototype called Colibri. The model will only enter production starting with 2014, but according to the carmaker, the model managed to pre-sell more than 700 units. This means that since its debut 700 people have been interested in it and pre-ordered it despite the fact that it will only enter production next year. Maybe you will be interested in it as well once you know that the Colibri is a single-seater electric car that receives power from a 24 kW motor which was offered with a driving range of 110 km.

The IMA engineers have declared that the batteries can be easily recharged to 80% of capacity in only 20 minutes which is quite impressive. The recharge can be done at a standard outlet. This output enables the model to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.9 seconds and to reach an electronically limited top speed of 120 km/h. even if it has only one seat, it is still practical thanks to the boot capacity that can reach 180 liters. The model might cost up to EUR8.900 according to the carmaker. Apparently, owners will also have to pay a monthly EUR55 for the battery lease as well. IMA is very ambitious and can reach an annual production of 18.000 units. Orders will start in 2015 and deliveries will only be honored in 2016, so you will have plenty of time to think about it. The company is now searching for investors to be able to launch the new Colibri into production.


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IMA Colibri