2014 Keating Bolt review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 24 September 2013 , 19:09:34 byEmil

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Keating Bolt

The Keating Bolt was recently revealed to the public in United Kingdom. The prototype (which can get up to 300 mph) was presented at the University of Bolton`s Backstage Academy. The British supercar was also designed by graduates from the same University of Bolton.

At first sight, the prototype follows the main design lines that any supercar does. The exterior does not surprise with the `wow` factor although Anthony Keating stated that the vehicle`s design was influenced by the XJ220. The XJ220 is the auto that initially caught Keating`s eye and lead him into developing his passion for cars.

If the model hits production, the auto will feature an aluminium space frame and a carbon/ Kevlar body. The production model is expected to weigh around 990 – 1200 Kg (2182 – 2645 lbs). The company`s future plans also feature a world speed record of more than 340 mph (547 Km/ h). The speed is to be obtained through a twin turbo engine.

The Keating Bolt is powered by a GM sourced 7.0 litre LS7 V8 engine that outputs 640 bhp (477 Kw). The manufacturers also added that there is another 800 bhp (596 kW) version going from 0 to 60 mph in not more than two seconds.

Even though the above mentioned details create a great car, Lewis Kingston (deputy digital editor at Autocar) quickly identified a few of the prototype`s drawbacks. He stated that even basic elements such as the paint job have not been carefully attended, adding that a mirror had literally fallen off. Interestingly enough, Kingston also pointed out that when asking for the auto`s exact specifications, these seemingly varied depending on the person who was asking.

Currently, there are no details concerning pricing and production, however the auto is rumored to cost somewhere around 889,510 Euros for the 800 bhp (596 kW) version.