2014 VUHL 05 sent into production review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 27 August 2013 , 09:08:03 byVeronica

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VUHL 05 sent into production

Thanks to the great world success VUHL had at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the specialists have decided to offer for production the VUHL 05 starting this next November. At the public debut, the carmaker revealed a complete car and separate chassis and Mexican F1 rookie Esteban Gutierrez made several demonstrations on the hill. Anyway, the public was impressed to its very core.

The result is no surprise to the specialists as their aim was quite specific. They wanted to get enough orders for a batch of 20 Edition One models. They also have really impressive enquiries received from the UK, Central Europe, USA and Mexico. The specialists have planned the beginning of the production in November, just as planned. The firs vehicle will reach its owner only in the spring of 2014. The carmaker is really excited about the fact that the media and the public as well have offered great feedback as the model is not just appealing to those looking to own an ultra-cool car for the road, but also for enthusiasts that are looking for new challenges.

According to different feedbacks, people loved the design, the quality of the work and the highly competitive power to weight ratio. The new model receives funding from the Mexican Government, but also from private enterprises. Actually the president of Mexico unveiled it, Enrique Pena. The carmaker will present it to the public again in silver and black prototypes at Goodwood by Gutierez next month. Only then we will be able to offer you more details on the newly developed model.