2014 Tesla Model S by T Sportline review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 20 March 2014 , 05:03:15 byDan

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Tesla Model S by T Sportline

Tesla Motors is a company headquartered in one of the hottest points in the world, the Silicon Valley.  From there, it designs, then manufactures and of course sells electric cars and electric components. Tesla Model S is the fully electric luxury sedan created by the American brand, which is by any measure a truly remarkable vehicle.

The Tesla Model S has somehow become one of the most wanted electric vehicles and the model beat all expectations. The company sold 4,750 units even though their target was 4,500 units sold. T Sportsline have created an upgraded version for the vehicle which might turn out to be quite expensive. The overall price is $205,820, which means the upgrades go up at about $82,050.

The Tesla Model S upgraded by T Sportsline includes a set of 21 inch forged wheels for $7,500 and another $5,250 for complete carbon fiber body kit which means a new front and rear bumper extensions as well as a trunk lip spoiler. Besides these, the tuner also places a 3M wrap for $6,000 and tinted windows for $1,500 from the same company. The bespoke upholstery costs mind-blowing $25 large and the sound system is another $9,500. The tuned vehicle is too expensive according to many people, especially that there are a lot of tuning companies that can do the same thing for less money, with the same result.