2014 Toyota GT 86 by Rowen review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 26 August 2014 , 09:08:22 byEmil

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Toyota GT 86 by Rowen

Toyota is the kind of company which has unique ideas to design amazing cars and to satisfy even the most difficult client. One of their representative models is the Toyota GT 86 which has been long expected by everyone until it was released. Maybe this is why the company emphasizes it so much lately. After creating a Cup Edition, then the Griffon Project the Japanese have even introduced the Toyota GT 86 Sedan. A lot of people expected the model, including tuners. Rowen, a Japanese tuner, has just finished a body kit for the GT 86.

Rowen has created a rather exaggerated tuning package for the Toyota GT 86 and you will see why. The vehicle was designed to offer a classy and conservative look, but Rowen seems to disagree. The vehicle is now equipped with a double front spoiler, huge canards and massive side skirts it looks ready to grasp all the attention at a tuning show where some uninspired project are presented.

The Toyota GT 86 is also fitted with vented fenders, a Tommy Kaira quad exhaust setup, a big rear wing, vented hood and an aggressive rear diffuser while the custom headlights and taillights are transformed to LED technology, the same being also used on the daytime running lights bars. The inside cabin has not been presented yet but considering the exterior, we wouldn’t be surprised to find significant awkward changes there, too. So if classy is not good enough for you and you need to be in the negative spotlight this project should work. Otherwise, stick to the standard model.