2014 Volkswagen Golf VII Variant review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 6 March 2013 , 08:03:35 byDan

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Volkswagen Golf VII Variant

Right until now, German carmaker Volkswagen did not reveal any info on their new Golf Variant, but we were only offered some leaked photos over the past weekend. The new model will be known as the next generation Golf Wagon, Golf Estate or Jetta SportWagon. The name will defer depending on the market in which it will go on sale, so be on the lookout. The Volkswagen Golf Variant has as base the 7th generation Golf hatchback and it is considered to be 232 pounds lighter in comparison to its predecessor. It is a bit strange because the model rides on a longer wheelbase of 2.636 mm in comparison to 2.578 mm. the cargo area measures 1.054 mm in length and the load sill is 630 mm in height. So that you know, the model has a really impressive capacity of 605 liters with the rear seats up and 1.620 liters when folded down.

In terms of engine, the new 7th generation Golf hatchback was offered with two engine families just like the Variant now. To be more precise we are talking about the EA211 gasoline units and the EA288 turbodiesels. Both units come with a Stop / Start system that comes in very handy when it comes to improve fuel economy by up to 4%. The battery regeneration mode also cuts the CO2 emissions by around 3%. The outputs available for the EA211 turbocharged direct-injection gasoline engines are 85, 105, 122 and 140 PS. The ones available for the EA288 TDI diesels are 105, 110 and 150 PS. The most important of them all, because is the most fuel efficient is the VW Golf Variant TDI BlueMotion capable of generating 110 PS diesel which is paired to a 6-speed manual transmission offered as standard. The new model can also come with a 5- or a 6-speed transmission depending on the engine. As optional there is also the DSG dual-clutch automatic unit.