2014 Volkswagen iBeetle in Shanghai review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 22 April 2013 , 06:04:04 byAngela

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Volkswagen iBeetle in Shanghai

We have some very interesting news coming from the German carmaker Volkswagen. We are actually talking about a model developed to promote the retro-styled Beetle compact car. The model in question is the new iBeetle Edition which will have its premiere this year at the 2013 edition of the Auto China in Shanghai. Just for information, you do not really have to know everything about Apple products to be able to understand the meaning behind the name, but you will probably get really confused and amazed in the same time, if you continue to read the article.

The iBeetle is in fact the first model capable of integrating the iPhone. This means that the iBeetle hatchback and the iBeetle Convertible are both offered with an app and an Apple iPhone docking station and there is more to it. This docking station was mounted on top of the central console where the iPhone can seat comfortably. The app includes Spotify which allows users to stream media into the Beetle, media like new songs, customized playlists or online radio stations. The app also includes Expert which offers 5 functions that turn the iPhone into an extended on-board instrument of the Beetle, just like the G-Meter, oil temperature gauges for the engine and a compass.

Trainer can be used to compare driving times, distances and fuel economy values for different routes between any two destinations. Reader is capable of listing the latest messages from social networks like, Facebook, for example. The next option is Postcard which sends to friends the current location of the Beetle with a map motif. Photo sends photos taken inside the car to different social networks. Last we have the Milestones, which rewards its users with virtual milestone stickers for the Beetle when different tasks have been completed and it only works when the phone id undocked. The model will be available for purchase staring next year.