2014 Volkswagen Polo R WRC review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 15 January 2014 , 01:01:56 byAngela

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Volkswagen Polo R WRC

Germans from Volkswagen have big plans for 2014 and apparently they have started strong with a preview of their latest achievement, the 2014 VW Polo R WRC which is scheduled to be revealed for the first time to the public at the Rally Monte Carlo on the 14th of January, so in less than one week. The specialists have developed this model for the 2014 FIA World Rally Championship and it seems to be ready for the future challenges. Just before the Rally Monte Carlo begins, the carmaker has improved the car that is about to bring them, most likely, a lot of fame.

The model now has a more dynamic appearance thanks to the striking new design that features grey and blue stripes. The 4-wheel drive model continues to have the same output, 315 horsepower. a lot of other details have been changes for the 2014 model. We are more than sure that all members of the team are looking forward to finding out who is their competition and more importantly, how hood are they. The World Rally Car from Wolfsburg has also been honed under the bonnet. Also besides optimizing chassis components and new set-up variants for the drive train, the number one priority for the engineers was to improve the stability of the car.

Another very important extra point for the 2013 Polo R WRC was its reliability. In only 4 days, the great event some of us is looking for is about to begin. Please check out the photo gallery we have prepared for you and enjoy it until you get the chance to see the real thing.