2015 Cadillac ELR review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 2 December 2014 , 10:12:04 byAngela

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Cadillac ELR

What do paparazzi adore more in this world than gossip? I have no idea. But I’ve just discovered an article which presented a great subject for discussion. In case you’re already dying to find out who has taken a wrong turn this time, learn it’s been the Cadillac team. A little while ago, everybody thought the company will show up at the Los Angeles Motor Show, presenting a new car, the updated 2015 model-year ELR. It’s even worse if you think that Cadillac itself announced that the vehicle will be launched. They must have thought that they’ll get it ready, but their plans didn’t go as they’ve expected it. To fill in the gap left by the promised model, Cadillac brought the 2014 model. What problem made the team break the word given? It seems the issues were related to the system integration, to be more specific, to the newfangled self-driving features. The conclusion is the team didn’t get to finish the car in time, so the updated features of the ELR couldn’t be seen at the show. The accent in developing the new characteristics is put on independency and autonomy, the 2015 Cadillac being cold the ‘highly autonomous vehicle’. What could this be? It could mean it is featured with the Cadillac Super Cruise system. And what is this system about? Well, there are only suppositions till now. Anyhow, it could also mean that the 2015 model will be fitted with capacities similar to those of Tesla’s autopilot feature. Some other gossip reveals that Cadillac has actually let go of building this model, focusing instead on a 2016 model, which will be shown sometime next year. We can’t help but wondering which rumors are really true. Also, he hope the 2016 model won’t have the same faith the 2015 model had. Whatever the truth may be, the facts remain. Cadillac didn’t bring the 2015 model at the Los Angeles Motor Show. Now, it’s indeed interesting what decision the Cadillac team will make regarding the matter. Till next year, we can’t do anything but wait, as I said it many times; wait and see.