2015 Ferrari LaFerrari review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 23 October 2014 , 07:10:15 byDan

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Ferrari LaFerrari

Have you seen the looks of the new LaFerrari model? If you have, then you’ll understand the raising obsession for having it. If you haven’t, don’t wait up! Check out the photos displayed below. The red color is absolutely fabulous and the sports aspect is doing all the job for making a good impression. There’s no wonder more and more people want it even though the car has been sold out. Reading an article about this fast way of LaFerrariof finding clients, we have noticed the reporter expresses surprise at the news of all the models being already sold. Take a look at the car and you’ll immediately notice its aggressive exterior design as well as the comfy interior. Assumingly a car model is so hot it is sold to the last one, the companies always find a solution for making available more vehicles. The customers need to be pleased after all. 

There have been only 499 vehicles created and it shouldn’t come as a surprise the fact they have all been sold even before they reached the dealerships. The hybrid supercar represents an attraction to people who value their image a lot. There are suppositions around the money one should invest for getting this car. You should know we found nowhere a released price, so Ferrari didn’t make a public statement of how much this cool model costs. However, the rumors say the price is between €1 million and €1.2 million for each one. This price is for Europe clients and it doesn’t include the taxes.   

Still, there’s another chance of getting one of this models. How? People are willing to sell this special models for some extra money. We learned the pricing will actually double, the increase being 100 percent. So, the LaFerrari that has 100km (62 miles) under its belt is priced at €2.19 million ($2.77 million) or €2.6 million ($3.3 million) with 19 percent tax included on the Mobile site. These things aren’t supposed to happen and the company seemed to have tried to prevent them. The untamed tongues say all the effort was in vain.