2015 Infiniti QX70 by AHG-Sports review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 16 January 2015 , 18:01:40 byDan

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Infiniti QX70 by AHG-Sports

Japanese carmaker Infiniti has decided to ask for assistance from AHG-Sports in their attempt to make their QX70 look a little more appealing. The tuning company was founded at the beginning of 2009 as tuning brand of the car dealer Guenther at Hamburg, Germany. The premium brand manufactured by Infiniti is present with success since then in Hamburd and since 2010 in berlin and Frankfurt as well. The carmaker is thinking at in combination with AHG-Sports will be able to create incredible cars thanks to the quality tuning and exclusive service.

Now, the Infiniti QX70 SUV receivespower from a V6 turbo-diesel 3-liter engine which has been enhanced by a body kit called LR2. This actually includes a very structured front bumper with LED day lights, side skirts, painted in car color wheel mouldings and a lot more. The rear bumper and the end pipes of the exhaust system are two improved elements as well. This body kit has a starting price of EUR11.900 all taxes included. The complete price of the car with these accessories reaches EUR89.900 including shipping and VAT.

If you only need one part touched by AHG-Sports, then here are some prices: engine covering painted in red for EUR200, blake calipers in red with Infiniti lettering for EUR1200, door handles in car color for EUR600 , chrome trims all around wrapped in mat black for EUR980 and painted in mat black roof rails and radiator grill for EUR1.150. this is just an idea on how the model would go with some improvements, but it is up to you what you decided to get, if you want to improve your Infiniti QX70.