2015 Kia D-Segment concept review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 10 February 2015 , 08:02:47 byEmil

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Kia D-Segment concept

Coming up, the event of the season, the Geneva Motor Show will soon take place for you to be able to admire the greatest car models. Among all those fantastic models, Kia will display a D-segment concept car which a review assumed it previewed the next-generation Optima sedan. The 3rd of March will mark the debut of Kia’s model so save the date! Apparently, from what we could find out from the release, the main focus of the Kia team was towards changing some features and outlining an elegant design. 

As they say, and we quote, the concept has “confident, powerful lines which sweep elegantly from Kia’s hallmark ‘tiger-nose’ grille towards the rear of the vehicle”. In the available photo, we can see the passionate car in a red color, looking awesome. 

When it came to describing the model, it seems the crew had finished doing their homework because they made it look as a solution to all the problems of nowadays people. Isn’t it true that we humans are hurrying to get somewhere, without really knowing why? Why do we take into consideration so many details? We harm ourselves, we become more and more selfish and alienated. We want to be alone, but maintain the sensation we’re still connected. We won’t go to talk to our next door neighbor but we’ll message our friends all night on Facebook. Because of the many stressed situations, we want moments of peace and that’s exactly what Kia wants to offer with this new car concept. The model is wanted to be the perfect tool for an “active lifestyle”, a purposeful, energetic design study for the style-conscious”, and “a sanctuary from the stresses of the modern world.” I actually think we’re so used with being active that we can’t live other way. 

Being the 11th concept car, designed by the automaker’s European studio in Germany, Frankfurt, to be more specific, the Kia model comes with alloy wheels, and a relaxed look due to the sporting features. We think it could easily reach the people, but we don’t have any news yet about the actual decision of building the car.