2015 Mazda Mazda2 review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 9 February 2015 , 07:02:00 byDan

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Mazda Mazda2

There’s been a new review made, this time, of Mazda2’s. The car has a new fantastic design which is noticed and highlighted by the reviewer. If you had put your eyes on this model, you would have pre-ordered it already. It seems there were 5000 pre-ordered cars and the company has already set an 11,000 car number for selling them in Germany. If everything goes according to plan, 2015 will be an awesome year for Mazda. It seems the car has an increased performance at the same price. The reviewer at Autogefühl was enthusiastic about the model and wondered whether the people who had ordered it had reasons to be satisfied. 

The exterior design has curved lines which come along in the front of the car with a carbon structure line. The headlights are directing upwards and this design makes the car optically lighter in the reviewer’s opinion. The model has 16-inch alloy wheels and the side profile is interesting because the lines of the car continue to go up and so, the rear windows are really slim. From the inside though, the visibility is reduced. The automobile is powered by a 115 PS 1.5-liter petrol engine and it can reach 200 km/h or 125 mph. Only the diesel has a turbocharger and it’s also fitted with a standard six-speed manual.  

The back of the car has a rear windscreen which is going downwards. The rear endings are very strong and the rear lights have a 3D surface so they come out pretty strong.

The interior design is spectacular but the seats are not so good for taller customers. The interior of the car has some new very clever ideas but at the same time the reviewer discovered some flaws which consisted of the features which reminded us of the old Mazda model; they are of cheap quality.  

The car is more than 4 meters long and if you are a passenger and you stay in the back, the main problem is the head space, which is reduced. The trunk also has limited space and the reviewer said the automaker couldn’t apparently find a way to put maximum space in minimum size.