2015 McLaren P1 GTR review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 22 October 2014 , 09:10:50 byDan

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McLaren P1 GTR


There’s a new track-exclusive McLaren model available only for the customers who will take part in the McLaren P1 GTR Driver Program; for that they will have to pay tickets which cost £1.98 million ($3.18 million). The interior of the car has been remodeled for the client’s comfort and the first photos have been released. The component which stirred excitement in the lines of the fans is the new steering wheel of the P1 GTR. The car which inspired the new McLaren’s wheel is the MP4-23 Formula 1 vehicle. The interior of the car is designed in the way which focuses on the man standing behind the wheel. It doesn’t have many interior components and the team explained this is exactly because of the concern for the driver. 

The most important things when designing the interior are the ability of saving weight and the driver engagement. If you take a look at the car, you’ll notice it’s a hottie. The sports design brings the heat and the driving sensations are heightened by the speed it reaches. The McLaren P1 GTR delivers 986 horsepower (1000PS) and under the hood you can find a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 and electric combination which brings the advantage of delivering 83HP (84PS) more than the street-legal P1. Back to the interior stuff, the controls can be found easily on the wheel. 

The mode switches can be found on the wheel as well, the new wheel design finding inspiration in the 2008 Formula 1 championship-winning MP4-23. Inside you can still find lightweight DTM-style carbon fiber seats and full six-point motorsport harnesses. Everyone knows how important it is for a sports car the weight or the lack of it, better said. Considering this, the driver’s seat will be specifically set up, depending on the one who is driving. Also, it will be mounted directly to the chassis, the weight being reduced by removing any additional mounting brackets. 

The man behind the wheel won’t get hot in there during the race thanks to an air conditioning system. The car has been tested in Bahrain, the new form showing performance and excitement at the same time. Photos of the aerodynamic P1 GTR in action have been displayed. Its athletic body is painted in Carbon Black and it also has bare carbon fiber bodywork.