2015 Mercedes GLA-Class review and pictures

Posted on Sunday, 19 October 2014 , 23:10:35 byAlina

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Mercedes GLA-Class

Remember the Mercedes-Benz G-class? The company has just celebrated 35 years of production with a special 35 car edition. When business is good, the normal thing would be to increase the production. This is the way they do it to celebrate the success. Mercedes has decided regarding this aspect to be a bit secretive because all we know is that besides the GLA-Class, China will soon have another compact car model, or why not, other car models. 

This thing is made possible by a great investment of €4 billion ($5.12 million) by 2015, including the pledge of €1 billion ($1.27 million) for the localization of additional Mercedes-Benz compact car models. This money will be put into this business by Daimler AG and BAIC Motor Corporation, the two companies have signed an agreement to manufacture more compact cars in China besides the GLA-Class. We’re all curious to see what compact models they have in mind but we have to be patient for the plans to be revealed. We learned in an interview given by the Daimler CEO, Dr. Dieter Zetsche, about the motivation of these actions: ‘’This strategic investment in the localization of compact cars will give us better access to the huge growth potential that this segment offers in the mid-term, and so pave the way for Mercedes-Benz’s sustainable growth’’. 

We also found out the new models will be built by the Beijing Benz Automotive Co (BBAC) joint venture. Also, the production car numbers at BBAC for the long-wheelbase version of C-Class, which started to be built in July, or for the long-wheelbase E-Class, or for the GLK-Class will be more than doubled to over 200,000 units a year in 2015. And talking about plans for 2015, the production of the GLA-Class will start early next year. 

A review regarding this new partnership between Daimler and BAIC Motor Corporation says the crossover will be Mercedes-Benz’s first locally produced compact car model and that the GLA will be built at the Beijing Benz Automotive Co which have a brand-new compact car site, where the construction had already started in September 2012. So, this year’s plans are over, 2015 practically knocking on the door.