2015 Nissan GT-R review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 3 September 2013 , 00:09:56 byAngela

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Nissan GT-R

New details on the future plans of Japanese carmaker, Nissan, have been revealed. We should now prepare for the next generation Nissan GT-R. That is right; a Nissan spokesman confirmed the new model at the Nissan 360 global press event held last week in California. The successor will be presented as a 2016 model in North America and will create a wave of reactions for sure.

The bad news is that the spokesman was a little reserved and did not offer a lot of details. He only said it will be a 2016 model year and that means it will be in showrooms before the end of 2015. This only means we will have to wait a bit longer now. The man did not offer any details on the future models in terms of technical developments, but there are different rumors indicating the new Nissan GT-R will have a hybrid power train just like a lot of other new sports cars.

Here we can offer as an example, the 2015 Acura, but also the Honda NSX and the Ferrari LaFerrari which will be revealed in the near future as well. Now, before the arrival of the 2016 model year, the Japanese manufacturer will develop a faster and more focused Nismo variant, which according to the specialists will be revealed next year. During a press statement, Chief Product Specialist, for Nissan GT-R and Nismo, Hiroshi Tamura that the two models are capable of achieving pure performance that will make everyone think of motorsports. We will have more details on the models as soon as the carmaker will introduce it on the market, so not that long, we are hoping. In the photo gallery there are several images of the 2012 model, so enjoy.

Images credit: carscoops