2015 Opel Corsa Callendar with Karl Lagerfelds Cat review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 14 October 2014 , 06:10:06 byVeronica

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Opel Corsa Callendar with Karl Lagerfeld`s Cat

Publicity – it’s all about promoting cars and of course, the final purpose is to make a good impression and this way, to sell them. You surely know those images in the calendars with almost naked girls who look hot, standing near the car models, gently touching them; well, this idea seemingly got old and the people who take the decisions in what concerns this matter have thought of a new way to improve the visualization of the models. This involves taking photos of a celebrity’s cat. Yeah, you’ve read well, last year’s Opel Adam calendar by Brian Adams, is followed by another shooting for the 2015 Opel calendar.

The company decided to start a collaboration with the cat’s master, so the sexy kitten started the photo session. 

Karl Lagerfeld was the one who took the shots of the star of the day and we learned it had a name. It’s called Choupette, and it is a Birman cat. Karl Lagerfeld will probably get the cat lovers to love the pictures but other than this, I think sexy women and cars idea never gets old and people know that. Sexy girls will always sell. Anyway, Karl Lagerfeld is a professional photographer and a fashion designer so his photos will probably look amazing. He decided the cat will occupy the center stage of the calendar.

The Opel Corsa calendar will be displayed at the beginning of the next year. 

The Opel Chief Marketing Officer Tina Müller declared she liked the concept and she thought it was an original one. She assisted to the photo session and so, she encouraged the whole process. Also – we found out from a review – the cat is a celebrity itself, so it has a last name (its master’s name, Lagerfeld), it also has at its disposal two maids and 42,000 followers on Twitter. The cat really must have a special something because its master declared a while ago he wanted to get married with the cat. 

Anyway, the photos were taken in a studio in Paris and Choupette must have been really pleased to be photographed in and out of the car. Its master talks about it as if it were a person. He said the kitty acted like a pro, it wasn’t tense and it slept twelve hours after the shooting had finished.