2015 Porsche Panamera review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 13 October 2014 , 13:10:14 byEmil

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Porsche Panamera

It’s so great when people admit they can do better. A new model should be all about looks and efficiency and it seems the Porsche Panamera didn’t have the first quality. The exterior aspect just wasn’t enough for the CEO of the company, who wasn’t afraid to say it. After signaling the problem, he came with a solution – which is that of improving the design on the next Porsche model. Its aspect will definitely change, if we believe Matthias Müller’s sayings. It’s not only the exterior design the team will work on; the interior of the vehicle will be modified too. The focus area will include the way of improving the styling of the next model. Matthias Müller answered a few questions a reporter from Australia’s Motoring asked.

The CEO declared the new Panamera will have a better design. The clients have to be satisfied in order for the car to be sold and Müller said his hopes for the second-generation Panamera were for the vehicle to impress the people as much as the current model. The latter was produced in more than 100,000 units and there were clients for all of them. We imagine there’s a lot of pressure regarding the designing of the next Panamera model, as Michael Mauer will be in charge of the styling project; he was the one who also oversaw the first-generation Panamera, and it can’t be easy knowing he has to do a better job this time. He seems confident in declaring the next vehicle would be looking a lot different although he declared there would be probably still be people who wouldn’t like it. But we think this is not something out of the ordinary since we all appreciate different things. In his replies, Mauer proved to have the desire for high-performance vehicles. He declared he wanted new models which was better to produce a great impact than to get as a feedback some indifferent reviews. His ideas seem innovative and he let out some information about the looks of the next model. It will come with new features, but it will also conserve some of the old car’s aspects, so the new Panamera will propably have a roofline which will indicate more a coupe’s special design.