2015 Renault Alpine with Caterham review and pictures

Posted on Saturday, 10 November 2012 , 09:11:57 byAlina

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Renault Alpine with Caterham

Apparently Caterham decided to join forces with French carmaker Renault and work together on a new and exciting project. The two will build future sports cars and to be more precise, we are talking about the new Alpine lineup. By combining their skills, the specialists will be capable of building models in large and small volumes to move up on the sports car market. Just to be clear, the objective of each company is to launch its own car in the market within the next four years. The investments will be 50-50 just like in any true partnership. Half a century ago, the first Alpine was born, the A110, which actually maybe the most iconic Alpine road car. The carmaker managed to sell 30.000 road sports cars during its existence. In 1973, the Alpine was World Rally champion, won the Monte Carlo Rally in 1973 and 1974, but also won the Le Mans 24-hour event in 1978. There are also a lot of other ones, the Alpine being a sporting legend.

Caterham build its first model in the 1950s, the Seven. Many decades later, the specialists continue to amaze with their professionalism, talent and devotement a lot of enthusiasts all around the world. Thanks to their experience, Caterham specialists can combine their engineering excellence with the manufacturing and production capabilities of Renault to develop a Caterham vehicle of even greater potential, if it is really possible.

The new model will be built at the Dieppe plant which has an important role in the whole project. The plant was built back in 1969 and since then, more than 400.000 models were developed here, models like the Berlinette. Here work more than 300 people and the surface area has 76.000 m2. We will hear a lot on the matter in the next few years, for sure.