2015 Subaru SVX review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 11 June 2014 , 12:06:30 byAlina

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Subaru SVX

Rumor has it that Subaru has big plans for their SVX moniker which actually means that they plan to bring it back to like before 2020. That model was in fact built between 1991 and 1996 and designed by Giugiaro. The model is about to be come back into our lives, but this time with a 6-cylinder boxer hybrid setup, or at least this is what we have heard. The more modern version of the model will come with a brake-style coupe look and will come on the future Subaru Global Platform which will also be used for the 2016 Tribeca, in case you did not know.

his mode is actually a replacement of the old version which has a lot of storage space and enough room to host 7 people, which is really impressive. Different sources say that the model will be introduced again as a result of a lot of requests coming from US dealers. They have been asking about a high-powered grand tourer capable of improving the image of the brand and increase the number of customers. This will be sold in the USmostly, but the SVX will be sold in other places like the UKand Australia.

It is not for sure, but it is possible the model will adopt a 4-wheel drive arrangement and will pack a newly developed flat-six 3.3-liter direct-injected engine which in fact works together with a plug-in hybrid system. This will be borrowed from Lexus and will offer the SVX the possibility to produce an estimated output of 380 PS. It is expected to hit the market sometime in 2017, in case you are interested in it