2015 Toyota Prius Hybrid review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 3 September 2013 , 07:09:39 byVeronica

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Toyota Prius Hybrid

Back in 1995 Japanese carmaker Toyota developed a concept and in 1997, the model was sent into production. This was actually an experiment the carmaker tried out in terms of hybrid models. The engineers have used an internal combustion engine and also an electric motor. We are talking about the Prius. Now, a lot of specialists try to follow the same steps and here we have to mention carmakers like Ferrari. The Italians have borrowed a lot of technology elements for their vehicles. Now, the Toyota Prius is in its 3rd itineration with Toyota actively developing its successor which will be available only in 2015.

As expected, it is a bit too early for the carmaker will release any information on the future model, but the specialists have outlined different technical details and targets for fuel economy. The Japanese company is trying to reduce fuel economy by 10 % with each generation of the Prius and this is why a more efficient version is expected. To reach this goal, the new Prius will come with advances in battery, petrol engine technology and electric motor. Also, you should also know that all components will be smaller, lighter and implicitly more efficient. The new electric motors will be smaller in size, but the power will be a lot higher. The 2015 Prius will use the new Toyota New Global Architecture that comes with a lower center of gravity and stronger structure with improved dynamic performance.

The interior will be roomier and in terms of design, the specialists have offered new and interesting elements. Toyota will try to introduce 15 new or redesigned hybrid vehicles worldwide before the end of 2015.