2015 Volkswagen Connected Golf concept review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 6 January 2015 , 17:01:01 byAlina

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Volkswagen Connected Golf concept

Volkswagen cars are some of the most appreciated in the world. They can offer comfort, easy handling, safety, about everything a man can wish for. They are constantly developing and among their latest projects we find the Volkswagen Connected Golf concept.

The Volkswagen Connected Golf concept has just been introduced at CES, together with its relative, the Volkswagen Golf R Touch concept. The Golf model has been the most successful versions of the German company so it’s no wonder the official keep refreshing it. The Connected concept is equipped with the latest generation MIB II infotainment system which offers help for a wide array of applications and is also compatible with most of the smartphones and tablets. Of course, it benefits from online functionality and incorporates a few clusters in which the features and applications are implemented. The system can work with Google's Android Auto and Apple's Car Play and a MirrorLink support is also available enabling the owner to mirror the display of the smartphone or tablet on the infotainment's screen.

The concepts exhibited by Volkswagen at CES also feature Trained Parking system which includes a camera that scans a frequently driven path to a parking space and it can go all the way semi-automatically. VW dreams of creating a remote parking via a smartphone control from which the owner will control the car. An Intelligent Charge system is also presented. This can show the level of the battery so the driver doesn’t have any unpleasant surprise.  Hopefully, these concepts will materialize into production models.