2020 Honda S2000 review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 6 June 2012 , 14:06:51 byVeronica

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Honda S2000

A few years ago, back in 1995, Honda developed and presented a concept model called the SSM in Tokyo at the Motor Show. Only three years later, the carmaker introduced the production version of the S2000 as a celebration model of its 40th anniversary. Under the hood of the roadster an F20C 2.0-liter 4-cylinder DOHC-VTEC engine enables the car to produce 240 horsepower. This engine actually was available for sale starting 1999. The production lasted for 10 years and so, the carmaker managed to build more than 112.000 Honda S2000 and sell them worldwide. Nothing is for sure yet, but rumors say there is the possibility the S2000 will be replaced. Of course, the design students have no restrictions and so, they can present their ides freely. For example, Michael Mcgee takes part of a project that is meant to create an Honda S2000 for the year 2020. This project is sponsored by Honda and it will manage to impress quite a lot of fans, enthusiast and not only. How? Well, as the designer says so himself, it will combine the classic elements with the advanced ones in a very harmonious way. It will have an interesting frame structure and function to find equilibrium between the attitude of the sports car and the futuristic design of the concept that offers an idea on the years to come for Honda. According to its structure design we are talking about an R/C car. The lightness and plastics indicate the same thing. If the customer does not like the yellow color from the body sides or the style, there is no problem. It can be changed according to its taste. Mcgee also says that the body sides also work as very large doors. Apparently, his imagination has no limits and this car of the future will say much more thanks to the pictures in the gallery below.