Chinese Alfa Romeo by Chery

Posted on Sunday, 5 August 2007 , 02:08:41 byEmil

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Chinese Alfa Romeo by Chery

In the coming week the collaboration between Fiat and Chery will be revealed in the opening of the China market. The first models by Alfa Romeo will probably be the 159 sedan and the 147 hatch. Chery will import knocked-down-modules assembling cars only for this restricted market. Once the two giants identify the proper local suppliers, the eager Chinese market will undoubtedly leverage and increase their auto business in East Asia.

South America and eventually the US will also be a marketing target for Chery because of the fusion with Chrysler. The agreement with Israel-based Quantum Group will come as a bonus generating global export.

In the same time Fiat is trying to stop releasing cars in China under Nanjing Auto, firm who has small exports to Brazil.