GM electric cars - a reality by 2010

Posted on Tuesday, 14 August 2007 , 02:08:42 byEmil

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GM electric cars - a reality by 2010

General Motors has started a partnership with 123Systems Inc. for improving its Volt plug-in hybrid with a new battery. These future nanophosphate batteries are to be long-lasting and safe. Improving battery technologies is crucial for the future of electric vehicles.

That is why this problem concerns also Toyota, who has delayed the introduction of this type of batteries until 2011 for reasons of safety: there are risks of overheating and even exploding.
If Toyota is delaying the production of this type of product, GM’s deal is expected to hurry up the development of the batteries. They will suit both electric plug-in vehicles and fuel cell variants. The batteries are designed for GM’s E-Flex electric vehicle – a Volt concept car. GM said that the first production car will come by 2010.

E-Flex is an electric drive-train with a conventional petrol, diesel or new hydrogen fuel-cell engine used only for charging the batteries. E-Flex drivers have two possibilities of using their car: if they want to take a short trip, they can charge it up on mains power; for a longer journey they will have the back up of the conventional engine.