Tesla founder has resigned from CEO position

Posted on Tuesday, 14 August 2007 , 14:08:09 byEmil

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Tesla founder has resigned from CEO position

Tesla founder and CEO - Martin Eberhard will resign, remaining at the electric car company as the new President of Technology. Having the full support of the company’s board, Eberhard is planning the move since the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, this means first deliveries of the new roadster will be delayed for several more months. To this are added latest claims that there’ll be a swap of suppliers for the transmission.

Customers will now have to wait until the end of the year before coming in posses of their cars, because Tesla has already taken 570 deposits for the $100,000 car.

After the roadster launch, Tesla will focus on the construction of a new plant in New Mexico for production of the White Star sedan – the company’s next model. An initial public offering to found its development is planned as early as next year. Former Flextronics CEO Michael Marks, also an early investor in the company, will be the one replacing Martin Eberhard.